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How to buy

We use an onsite shopping cart to handle orders from this site. Buying one of our courses is easy

When you've chosen your course: just use the 'Add to Cart' button which will record your selection. If you wish to order a second or further courses/products, just add those to the cart also.

When you are ready to make payment for your purchases - click the 'Checkout' option to start the process of making payment. The system may hold the information for a certian amount of time, so have your credit or debit card to hand so that there are no delays when you are passed to our payment handler: PayPal.

We'll ask you for some information about yourself, your location and delivery details which will passed to PayPal's secure payment pages. If you already have a PayPal account you may make payment directly from your account if you have sufficient funds available. There is no need to open a PayPal account though if you don't have one - just look for the option to pay by Credit/Debit card.

Once PayPal have collected your payment details, you will be returned to our site for confirmation that an order has been placed. PayPal will later forward details of the order to us for processin.

If you are in Scotland and wish to make use of your ILA Scotland account you should not use the shopping cart. On each course page there is a link to a form to make a booking with your ILA account. Our ICB bookkeeping courses, Sage Accounts and Sage Payroll courses and our online bookkeeping courses are all eligible for ILA Scotland funding. Unfortunately, the Microsoft Office courses are not yet eligible for funding.

If you have any concerns or queries about the buying process, please contact us on 0845 862 0608 (local call rate)