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Mycourse Privacy Policy

Personal data

As we use PayPal to handle payment for goods or services, we do not actually hold nor can access any confidential payment card details. We retrieve contact details about you and your order from an email provided by PayPal, so that we can then complete the order. We have developed a security policy in line with PCI DSS compliance ( Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) despite us not handling credit card information through our website. If payment is made at our physical premises or by telephone, you can be assured that we have the necessary systems in place to ensure data security.

As you have made a transaction with us, we will continue to hold information about you and the order you placed with us. If you feel that we may have incorrect information, you can ask us at any time to correct this by e.mailing us.


Like all web sites, we are able to collect data about web traffic and site activity - specificially we use Google Analytics to extract this data. This helps us to optimise the web pages for use and to identify problems with navigation etc. We are unable to identify any individual user detail.

Other use of data

We do make use of a third-party provider to deliver newsletter services (mailchimp) - again, names and e.mail addresses are used for our purpose only and the company operates a very strict anti-spam policy. We use this to ensure our genuine mail is not treated as spam and which provides the facility for you to permanently opt out of our newsletter list at any time.

Our website operates a chat facility to enable visitors to contact one of our staff directly. This software enables us to see your ip address, internet service provider, country of origin and some information about your computer. This is freely available information when you visit any website but does not enable us to identify any individual or physical address. Logs of any chat are held by us for call monitoring and service improvement purposes.

If we collect data through any forms onsite, the information is used for our purposes only and is not passed to any third parties, except when the form provides information that is required by ILA Scotland in order to provide funding assistance to you.